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Gate & Entryway Projects

Gate projects are a specialty of Smitty’s.  We have built and installed dozens of gates and entryways over the past twelve years and the gate pictures [insert link] show the range of gates that we can help design and create.  The checklist for information we will need to begin discussing a gate project.


The location of your gate, the infrastructure you will need to support and operate your gate, where your property is and the type of ground you have around the gate, all impact the design and logistics for creating and operating your gate. 



It is also very important to know the type of gate opener that you intend to use for your gate.  Each opener is designed for a range of applications and every opener is not designed for every situation.  The selection of a proper opener is critical to obtaining a fully operational gate after installation.  We can assist with your selection of gate openers for your project.   

We Can Fix it or Build It

Smitty’s is a small welding, fabrication, and maintenance entity.  We fix or make projects for our customers using metal, wood, and other materials.  Repairing or fixing existing products that others are not interested in helping with is a side-line specialty for Smitty’s.  There are many mechanical items that can be fixed or repaired for sentimental reasons, or for specialty use items.  We don’t do electronics, but mechanical items can frequently be fixed or rehabbed to update their functionality. 


Alternatively, we are well-equipped to assist you with the design, structure, and functionality of creating a new item to serve your desired purpose.  New designs are a specialty for Smitty’s. 


Remember, that fixing an existing item or designing a new item, with the desired functionality, frequently takes considerable time and materials, and the cost of these types of repair, fix, or creation can be expensive.  But we can always talk about options.  


Custom Projects

Our special projects are developed for each client to achieve their dreams.  We work with each client to design and build the special item(s) so that their desire for detailed craftsmanship for metals, word and other materials can be met.  Call us if you have a dream project on your mind.

Conceptual Gate Drawings

While we have made various gates this is only a handful of what we have done. These are examples only, since each client ends up with a completely unique gate, entry, or custom project.  Choose us for your project and we can begin to design and build your desired project.

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